Law Enforcement Guide

Last updated March 6, 2024

Peeps may hold the following user data which can be the subject of a valid law enforcement request:

  • Subscriber information E.g Apple ID / Google Id / Phone number (depending on user’s sign-up method), account creation date Device information (Device Unique ID), pictures and selfie taken to validate profile, Snapchat username / Tiktok username / Instagram username (depending on user’s informations), etc.
  • Content Data E.g Direct message content

Details of requesting law enforcement authority (or Court):

  • Requesting Authority (or Court): The name and location of the law enforcement authority. In the case of a Court order, the request should indicate the location and name of the relevant Court and judge / magistrate.
  • Requesting officer: The requesting officer’s name, badge / identification number, email address (this must be from an official email domain) and phone number (including any direct dial extension).

Details of relevant user account:

  • If the person under the investigation is not the owner of the account you have access, we‘ll need a screenshot of their profile, or we can try to get their account from an account that interacted with them in the past.
  • Identifier: When requesting data regarding a specific user of the Platform, you must provide an approved account identifier associated with the relevant account. We also request that a screenshot of the relevant account be provided (to help us to identify the correct account more quickly). The following are Peeps approved identifiers:

    • Phone number (if used when logging in)
    • Birthdate (the one entered to access the app) - we might request more information
    • User ID (Profile > Settings > Copy Account Id)
  • Data requested: The request should clearly specify the scope of the data requested. Overly broad requests will be refused.
  • Date range: The request must specify a date (and, if possible, a time), or a date range as relevant to the request (for historic data only).
  • Legal basis for the request:
    • Relevant legal process: The request should clearly specify the legal process (i.e. citing the relevant article or section of an Act / Statute / Code), which authorizes law enforcement to request and collect information for the purposes of prevention, detection or investigation of criminal offences.
    • Context and Offence(s) under investigation: The request should separately indicate the type of offence(s) under investigation (citing the relevant Act / Statute / Code), the circumstances of the offence and in what way it is connected to the Platform.
    • User notification: Please indicate whether user notification is permitted.

Preservation Request

Peeps will honor formal requests to preserve user data for 90 days. Please submit all preservation requests to our webform with your preservation request attached in PDF format: Preservation Request Form.

Preservation requests must be sent on law enforcement letterhead, signed, and must clearly identify the specific user data to be preserved (by reference to username, the data type and date ranges as per Section 3 above). Peeps will preserve information for an additional 90-day period upon receipt of a formal request to extend the preservation. We may not honour multiple extension requests beyond one additional 90-day period. If Peeps does not receive formal legal process for the preserved information before the end of the preservation period, the preserved information may be deleted when the preservation period expires.

Overly broad or unspecific preservation requests will not be actioned.