Safety Strategy


Safety is paramount at Peeps. As we strive to provide a safe environment for young people to socialize online, we continuously enhance our safety features to adapt to the dynamic online landscape. Our efforts include real-time text and visual moderation, mandatory age verification for all users, and proactive monitoring by human reviewers around the clock. Every user report undergoes thorough investigation, and swift action is taken against verified violations of our Community Guidelines. Real-time pop-ups educate users and promote positive behavior.

Real people and right ages

At Peeps, we are committed to fostering a platform where genuine individuals connect, ensuring that each profile is authentic and adheres to our age requirements. Every user must undergo verification to access Peeps and engage with others. Upon joining, users provide essential details such as:

  • Date of Birth: Peeps welcomes users above the age of 13, with separate communities for different age groups to interact within their peer range. For instance, a 15-year old will only be able to interact with 14-to-16-years old.
  • Profile pictures and additional photos: Users must upload a clear photo of themselves to use the app.

To verify user age and identity, Peeps employs various methods:

  • AWS Rekognition’s Age Estimation: Users undergo a face-scan within the app, which triggers an algorithm for age estimation to validate the provided birthdate.
  • We compare the realtime face scan with other profile photos provided by the user. Access to the platform is denied if there are doubts about the user's identity.
  • Utilization of Google image search to verify if profile photos are sourced from the internet and utilized to establish fraudulent accounts.
  • Identity Consistency Checks: We continually monitor for inconsistencies in age information provided at signup, within user profiles, or during interactions. Users may be restricted from using the app if age or identity doubts arise.

A safe community at all time

Our safety strategy includes advanced AI algorithms, comprehensive age verification verifiying 100% of our users, and a first-of-its kind 360° moderation over text, profile images and interaction behavior. These measures are aimed at proactively minimizing risk for our users, with a continuous monitoring of every single account. These work alongside our team of human safety reviewers who monitor activity across the platform 24/7 and respond to reports in real-time to ensure appropriate action is taken.

Our guidelines and monitoring cover a variety of different themes, including harassment, nudity, sexual behavior, hate speech, drugs and more. Instances of guideline violations trigger an investigation, leading to appropriate actions. Depending on the severity of the offense, this may entail temporary feature restrictions or permanent expulsion from the Peeps platform.

We recognize our responsibility to safeguard our users, and we continuously innovate to introduce additional safety measures to address challenges commonly encountered on social platforms.

Clear reporting process

We urge all our users to report any inappropriate content, behavior, or other concerns within the Peeps community. This allows us to thoroughly investigate and take necessary action. To report a concern, a Peeps user can either:

  • Tap the shield icon in the app then select ‘Report’
  • Report something to us via the Contact Form